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    Quality Control

    Pitching ourselves as a socially responsible corporate and an active player in the global market, Sun Hing Industries Holdings have been observing international standards in production since the early 90s.

    We have already achieved the European Union’s standards on sustainable textile production, and met the requirements of REACH on chemicals regulation. Other international benchmarks awarded including ISO 9001, ISO14001, Oeko-Tex standard 100, and Eco-Tex certificate.

    Continueous efforts in testing and experimentation are made at our well-equipped laboratory by skillful technicians ensuring delivery of the best quality products.

    The reputation of Sun Hing Industries Holdings has gained the valuable partnership of international brands.

    Quality Assurance System

    ? We have a 2,000 square metre central test room and perform performance tests on underwear, pajamas, disposable clothes, swimsuits and sportswear in accordance with various international standards in Europe, the United States, Australia and Japan. Our central test room can provide routine tests including wash resistance/abrasion resistance/perspiration resistance/chlorine resistance/sunshine resistance/yellowing resistance, color fastness, shrinkage, torsion, modulus of elasticity, etc.

    ? The company's Central Testing Room was awarded DuPont Leica Best Partner Certification Laboratory Certificate by DuPont Company in 2000. This certificate was issued by DuPont Company to prove that the Central Testing Room of Xinxing Industrial Group complies with the Leica verification procedure, and authorized Xinkang to self-verify Leica knitted cloth products and issue the Leica hanging tag.



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