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    Non-size underwear, non-steel rim underwear...become the new favorite of the market, and the underwear industry enters a new track

    Editor: SunHing │ Date: June 28, 2021

    The emergence of new channels such as e-commerce and live broadcasting has brought tremendous changes to the development of the underwear industry. Especially in the past two years, new underwear brands such as Ubras have risen rapidly, forming a melee situation of new and old brands in the underwear consumer market.

    Holiday promotions have become an important means for e-commerce platforms to increase sales, and it has become an important battlefield for brands to compete. It is worth noting that with the technological innovation and conceptual innovation in recent years, the underwear track has entered a new era, with no size, no steel ring...More and more new technologies, new elements, and new concepts have become the selling points of underwear brands. The battle between new and old brands is also intensifying. In this year's 618 promotion, how did the underwear brands perform?



    New and old brands compete on the same stage, who can stand out?

    According to data from MarketIDX, new consumer brands accounted for half of the top ten list of the 618 pre-sales this year.

    Among them, Ubras and NEIWAI are far ahead in sales and sales. Interestingly, 70% of the hot products of the two brands have the labels of "no size" and "no steel ring", and the remaining 3 hot products contain similar "big "Chest" is a highly targeted keyword.

    It is worth mentioning that, compared with foreign markets, the Chinese underwear market started late. Embryform launched the first three-dimensional bust in the 1970s. Until the 1990s, the Chinese underwear industry entered the embryonic stage. After 2000, the underwear market has gradually prospered. A series of high-end brands such as AIMER and Maniform have been born. International brands such as Triumph and Wacoal have entered the Chinese market. Underwear consumption has entered a preliminary stage of prosperity, and the consumption and aesthetics of Chinese women have gradually improved. After 2010, the rise of new channels such as e-commerce and live broadcasting has brought tremendous changes to the development of the underwear industry. Especially after 2015, new underwear brands such as Ubras have risen rapidly, forming a battle between new and old brands in the underwear consumer market. situation.

    According to data from MarketIDX, in the five rolling years from 2017 to 2021, the average annual growth rate of the lingerie industry was 24%, and the bra category sales for the 2021MAT rolling year (2020?05-2021?04) was 20.4 billion yuan , With sales of 215 million pieces. It is worth noting that although there is such a large and steadily growing consumer market, the concentration of the underwear market is still low.

    女性内衣品牌集中度趋势 & 内衣新消费品牌增长情况

    In addition, according to the market intelligence data of MarketIDX, the list of top 5 brands in the 2021MAT underwear market has changed one after another, and the market share has continued to expand. The development speed of Ubras is shocking. In 2020, Ubras and Viya signed an annual frame contract. With the title of "size-free underwear" pioneer, Ubras began to enter the list of top 5 women's underwear brands, and reached the top line in May of that year. Underwear sales top1, and has been ranked first in sales since then. Other new underwear consumer brands are also rising.

    After the rise of new consumer brands, they rely on new concepts and new technologies to gain the favor of the capital circle. According to RHINO DATA, in 2020, a total of 5 underwear brands have received financing amounts ranging from one million to several hundred million yuan. They are Sujiin, Bananain, Ubras, LIVARYMIO and NEIWAI.


    With "insight into consumer demand + omni-channel marketing", new brands take off rapidly

    How did the new consumer brand quickly become the darling of the underwear industry? In short, it can be attributed to two points.

    1. Create differentiated products to form misaligned competitive advantage. In recent years, as more "ego" younger generations have entered and began to dominate the consumer market, younger generation and diversification have become a major trend in the underwear market. The awakening of female consciousness has also begun to enter a new era. Female consumers' understanding of underwear is no longer limited to "gathering" and "sexy". They are beginning to pay more attention to comfort and self-feeling. The "No Steel Ring" and "No Size" labels fit this need.

    Ubras & NAITANGPAI

    At this time, the old brand clings to invention patents and traditional aesthetics, while the new brand keenly recognizes changes in consumer psychology, and creates a strong connection between differentiated products and scenarios based on these needs. For example: Ubras' "No Size Underwear" eliminates the difficulty in size selection; NAITANGPAI's "Focused Big Cup Bra" is designed for Chinese big cup women to solve "big breast anxiety".

    2. Marketing combination fist, seize the minds of consumers. Taking Ubras as an example, MarketIDX's comprehensive analysis found that the brand with the highest volume in women's underwear is Ubras. Its keyword tags are: live broadcast, no size, comfortable, Jia, Nana Ou-yang, etc. It can be inferred that Ubras adopts a multi-pronged model of "live broadcast + content grass + celebrity endorsement". This is also the habitual play style of many online student brands.

    Ubras社交平台词云图 & 内衣品牌社交推文声量占比


    The old brand is not "lying flat", who can have the last laugh? Still unknown

    The rapid growth of new brands does not mean that old brands are already weak. While the new brand is unique with differentiated products, the "old brands" represented by Embryform, AIMER, Cosmo Lady, and Maniform have not adhered to conventions, and have begun to make efforts in new technologies, new categories, and new channels.

    It is worth mentioning that on May 31 this year, AIMER was listed on the A-share market, becoming the fourth Chinese underwear brand listed company after Cosmo Lady, Huijie and Embryform.

    Embryform, a veteran underwear company, continues to innovate in the functionality and comfort of underwear. According to MarketIDX's online underwear sales data in the past three months, old brands account for 70% of the top 10 brands. On the one hand, old brands still occupy a relatively high proportion of online platforms; on the other hand, old brands have an absolute advantage in the number of offline stores. Underwear is different from other categories, offline consumption is the most important channel for underwear sales. The most important thing is that the old brand has strong core competitiveness. Embryform holds more than 60 product invention patents. AIMER and others also have inimitable and replaceable technologies on the product side.

    All in all, the rise of new brands conforms to the needs of the times. With the dual empowerment of capital and marketing, they have the upper hand at one end of the "smile curve"—the market end. In the future, will they be at the other end of the supply chain— Intensive cultivation of technology and R&D, from product to sales to create products that better meet consumer needs? Not yet known.

    Completely different from new brands, traditional brands such as Embryform and AIMER have absolute advantages at the other end of the "smile curve"-product invention, green production and other fields. On the marketing side, they have gained a stable customer base after a long period of fan fermentation and high-viscosity interactions with offline consumers. After seeing the power of the new brands, they have made changes in the online field, trying to make the old brands bloom with new brilliance. Can they lead the new generation of underwear trend? It depends on whether they can win the hearts of the new generation of consumers?

    In the future underwear market, who can have the last laugh is still unknown.

    (The above data is provided by MarketIDX)

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