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    Is "outer underwear" the most popular way to wear in the spring and summer of 2021?

    Editor: SunHing │ Date: March 16, 2021

    When I was reading Moments recently, I always had this doubt: Is it because I’m the only Moments in the whole Moments that I haven’t been in the spring...? Everyone is posting "flower viewing movies" and "picnic movies", and I feel a wave of spring in the circle of friends~


    Spring is here as promised and everything is recovering. You "trendy guys" can't wait to put on spring clothes. The trend of spring and summer of 2021 will also catch up.

    In recent years, the “outer underwear” style of wearing has been sought after by many “trendrs”. In this year’s spring and summer trends, this style of wearing seems to be more popular, and the inner vest is gradually being adopted by the bra inner. replace.


    According to statistics, in the 2021 spring and summer conference that has been released, the trend of underwear-style top styles has risen by 121%, becoming the top of the rising trend list.


    You may also have discovered that this year's female stars also particularly like the style of wearing underwear. For example, Lisa's motorcycle style "underwear outside wear" will look cooler.


    Esther Yu also likes the look of "outer underwear", and continues her always playful, sweet and sexy style~

    Esther Yu‘内衣外穿’造型

    Esther Yu's small lace strap shape gives people a pure and lusty feeling, it is really beautiful!

    Esther Yu蕾丝小吊带造型

    Not only the female idols, Angel Wang, as an actor, has also tried the "outer underwear" look. Angel Wang's off-white and black collision highlights the fairness of her skin. Coupled with the "underwear" design on her upper body, she looks more sexy and cool.

    Angel Wang‘内衣外穿’造型

    If the “outer underwear” of the above female stars is a style of the clothes themselves, then Kim Hyun A, who has always been at the forefront of the trend in dressing, is really a veritable “outer underwear”. ~

    Kim Hyun A名副其实的‘内衣外穿’造型

    Friends who want to try "outer underwear" can look at the outfits of these stars as a reference. If you are not too relaxed, I suggest you choose a combination of sports underwear + cool bottoms. The collision of beauty and handsome can create an impressive look. Choosing exaggerated accessories can also shift your attention to accessories and weaken the sense of existence of underwear.


    You can also choose a combination of suit jacket + underwear, which is heroic and charming, and does not appear vulgar, and the aura is immediately revealed!


    There is also a combination of see-through clothing + underwear, which is immortal and beautiful, gentle and romantic, very suitable for vacation~


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