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    'Recycled fiber' and 'environmental fabric' may become the main trend of the future underwear fabric industry

    Editor: sunhing │ Date: October 08, 2019

    Recently, a piece of news has aroused the attention of the underwear fabrics and accessories industry: Tiananmen Square and the 24,000 square meters red carpet of Tiananmen Square, which was celebrated in the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, are made of recycled polyester fiber and special yarn for carpets. Yuwan mineral water bottle has the characteristics of flame retardant, anti-fouling and anti-ultraviolet.


    'Recycled Fiber' once again enters the field of vision of the underwear fabric industry. In today's environment where industrial resources are increasingly scarce and natural resources are becoming scarcer, environmental protection is one of the most hot topics in the world. Underwear fabrics and accessories industry are closely linked to green sustainable development. The underwear fabric industry is beginning to seek more environmental protection. Renewable fiber, a new type of alternative underwear material, will undoubtedly become a trend.

    In Adidas's 2019 Adidas spring and summer clothing collection, nearly 41% of the raw materials are recycled polyester fiber; Nike put forward the ten guidelines for product recycling design in the sustainable design guide released in May this year; fast fashion brand H&M is currently the world's largest consumer of sustainable cotton and man-made fiber materials (such as lyocell, etc.)... These well-known international brands have begun to use 'recycled fiber' in large numbers, and have joined the ranks of promoting the development of recycled fiber products.


    Therefore, in this year's major autumn textile raw materials and fabric exhibitions, various 'recycled fibers' and 'environmental fabrics' have gradually emerged. Some industry experts predict that recycling and environmental protection may become the main trend of the future underwear fabrics and accessories industry, and will lead the market development direction.

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