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    The potential of the underwear market is huge. Underwear fabrics have become another competitive weapon

    Editor: sunhing │ Date: July 20, 2019

    After satisfying the food and clothing, people have higher demand for quality of life. For close-fitting underwear, more and more pursuit of comfort and more functionality. Underwear brands are also well versed in this market demand, and constantly develop new functional fabrics to make underwear wear more in line with the pursuit of modern people.

    In the development of new underwear fabrics, our brands have also demonstrated their strong strength. Starting from many aspects of underwear wear, we will continue to bring more innovative and more competitive underwear fabrics to the market.

    内衣市场潜力巨大 内衣面料或成又一竞争利器

    Practical underwear fabric

    In the practical wearing of underwear, Uniqlo, a fast fashion brand, has also put a lot of effort into the fabric of underwear. Its self-developed Heattech fabrics and AIRism fabrics have their own advantages in black technology.

    Heattech fabrics are the main warm fabrics, making the autumn and winter lingerie light and stylish by using warm-keeping fabrics. In the cold winter, such fabrics also deeply grasp the needs of consumers. The opposite of Heattech is the breathable fabric AIRism. AIRism fabrics are made of ultra-fine fibers that are as light and thin as air. This black technology breathable material helps release heat and sweat, which brings a great boon to consumers in the summer.

    These fabrics developed by Uniqlo deeply grasp the needs of modern consumers, not only change the way people dress in a scientific way, but also bring the gospel to the consumer market.

    Environmentally friendly underwear fabric

    Recently, Zara's underwear brand Oysho launched the 2019 spring and summer swimwear COLORISTA colorist series, which uses colorful colors to make summer wear more vibrant and colorful. And part of the COLORISTA colorist series this time is made from environmentally friendly materials.

    In recent years, the topic of environmental protection can be described as very hot, and there has been a wave of environmental protection in clothing, jewelry, home and other industries. People are paying more and more attention to the use of environmentally friendly products in their lives, and the use of environmentally friendly materials in underwear products has become a popular trend. The finch swimwear series, which was released in 2014, is also converted into a swimwear product using fabric made from recycled PET bottles. The use of underwear products is short, and it is possible to use environmentally friendly fabrics on this type of products, and it can also bring a lot of help to environmental protection.

    This time, the COLORISTA colorist series also uses environmentally friendly materials to make underwear more likely. This series is also part of the Zara brand's Join Life project. In recent years, major clothing brands have made efforts to promote environmentally-friendly products. When the earth's resources are exhausted, everyone is working together to make environmental protection efforts. The development of environmentally-friendly underwear and apparel can also lead the development of environmental protection.

    Technology underwear fabric

    The recently unveiled Glucose technology fabric is also a big black technology in the underwear industry. Starting from a series of aspects such as wearing pain points in underwear, it brings more healthy and comfortable fabrics to the consumer market.

    Changsha Intian Textile Technology Co., Ltd. lasted for three years, and the Glucose technology fabric was made of bionic fiber, which was free from toxic and harmful threats. At the same time, the underwear has the characteristics of easy washing, rapid moisture guiding, antibacterial sterilization and the like. After many washings, the softness and comfort of the underwear can still be guaranteed, and such fabrics are also "inner" in the market.

    Modern people are paying more and more attention to the comfort of life, and for the intimate products of underwear, there is also a more comfortable demand. The ability to carry out fabric reforms in this area is also in line with the needs of the market. Realize the need to make life better with technology.

    In addition, there are many underwear brands who make a fuss about the fabrics of underwear products. For example, honeycomb breathable mesh fabrics, Dralon velvet fiber warm knitted fabrics, Lycra fusible spandex seamless fabrics, etc. all bring more convenience to people in various functional aspects of underwear wear.

    As life improves, underwear brands have also found the importance of underwear fabric functionality. While studying how to make clothes more comfortable and fashionable, working on fabrics has become the choice of more and more brands. In the future, I believe that there will be more brands to bring us more technological fabrics, let us wait and see.

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