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    Environmental protection system

    ? Sun Hing Industries Holding Limited always upholds the concept of pragmatic and honest, takes the initiative to assume social responsibility, invests huge funds in research and development and construction of sewage treatment system.

    ? In 2008, he was awarded the Hang Seng Pearl River Delta Environmental Protection Award and the Water Resources Management Award by the Hong Kong Federation of Industry and Hang Seng Bank. And became one of the 40 companies that won the Green Seal.

    ? In March 2010, the Group signed the Water Conservation Charter with Friends of the Earth in Hong Kong and was selected as the only outstanding group signing company. We shoulder the green mission, strive to create an ecological civilization, taking into account the perfect combination of economic and social benefits.

    Water Supply and Effluent Treatment

    Sun Hing Industries Holding Limited runs dyeing business since 1991. "Water" plays an essential role in wet processing. Reservoirs, rivers and tap water are common sources of water for dyeing. However, Sun Hing is located in Gong Ming Road, Bao Au District, Shenzhen area, is using the heavily polluted industrial and domestic waste water in Maozhou River as the water source for production. Maozhou River is one of the five main rivers in Shenzhen. The water quality is serious deteriorated behind the rapid economic development in the past twenty years.

    As a result, Sun Hing develops its own Water Resources Management System, two water treatment plants are invested and constructed. One water treatment plant is constructed for treating and purifying industrial and domestic waste water in Maozhou River for dyeing & finishing, while another one is constructed for effluent treatment after dyeing & finishing, it is discharged within the national discharge standard.

    Water Supply


    Sun Hing setup a pump station near the Maozhou River, which is pumping heavily polluted industrial and domestic waste water to 20,000 m3 Aerobic Oxidation Pond I and Sedimentation Pond I. It is the first phase oxidation and sedimentation treatment. The aim of the aerobic oxidation treatment is to utilize micro-organisms to decompose large organic substances and to improve water quality.

    After two phases of aerobic oxidation and sedimentation treatments, the water quality has been significantly improved and reached to the industrial standards for dyeing and finishing. The water will then flow into the 400,000 m3 Sun Hing Lake as the storage for production.

    Effluent Treatment

    Dyeing & finishing waste water is a kind of low concentration organic waste water, in theory, it is not suitable to apply bio-chemical method for effluent treatment. In the past, Sun Hing applied physio-chemical method to treat the effluent, but it created huge amount of sludge, and also higher handling cost. Aquatic life is affected and eco system is further destroyed.

    In 1996, Sun Hing started to develop the bio-chemical methods to solve the sludge problems. In 2003, Sun Hing succeeded to develop the bio-chemical methods to treat the effluent after production and the sludge problem can be obviously improved. According to the national regulation, a 24-hour real time monitoring system is installed to monitor the quality of discharge waste water.

    The quality of discharge effluent from Sun Hing Industries Holding Limited is superior than the Class I National Water Pollutants Discharge Limit and Class I Guangdong Province Water Pollutants Discharge Limit. Sun Hing is the eco pioneer within the industry, and the foundation contributor to achieve the goal of “Clean and Odourless” in Shenzhen River in Shenzhen. in accordance with the instruction of “Biochemical City” and “Industries Must Implement Environmental Management” in National People’s Congress 2007.

    The quality of discharge effluent from Sun Hing is not only complied with the related Guangdong Province Class II Discharge Limit requirements, but also superior than the more stringent Class I discharge standard, especially for the lower value of COD. 40% treated effluent will be reused in production.

    Solar Energy

    A solar cell or photovoltaic cell (PV) is a device that converts light into electric current using the photoelectric effect. Three millions US dollar environmental project. Six buildings of total floor area 23,000m2 install 7,200 solar energy battery panels. Each panel capacity is 250W and the total capacity is 1.8 MW. For the whole product life cycle of 25 years, it can roughly generate 42 millions kWh electricity & roughly reduce 42,000 tons CO2 emission into atmosphere.



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