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    Well-selected cotton jersey, stabilizer, soft tricot

    Editor: xxgyjt │ Date: May 05, 2019

    More than 2000 color selections as from Pantone
    OEKO-TEX? Standard 100 Certificate (Product Class II)
    No MOQ & MCQ*
    Always available in stock, make fast delivery
    Sustainablity: Large batch dyeing reduces water, steam and energy consumption.
    As a result, less Carbon Dioxide emissions that motivates environmental friendly and sustainability
    2007 Hang Seng Pearl River Delta Environmental Awardees
    *Minimum charge HKD/RMB 100/Order. Freight collect.
    Test Standard: OEKO-TEX? Standard 100 (CLASS II)
    Light source: D65 Artifical Daylight D65

    新兴特选全棉平纹布 · 定型纱 · 软纱系列




    新兴特选全棉平纹布 · 定型纱 · 软纱系列


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